How to Install Decorative Stair Brackets

Stair brackets, also called tread mounts, really are a fantastic way of decorating the treads in your stairs. They are able to be seen in most designs of historical houses and really are a favorite choice for decorating new houses, at the same time. Stair brackets are ornamental elements which can be readily installed, adding sophistication and beauty to your own entry way to get life.

Decorative Stair brackets are an inexpensive and easy solution to put in a little class with little effort. They are able to alter the appearance of a simple and unadorned stairs into one which is refined and stunning. Add some architectural sophistication using a group of stair brackets to your own steps. Quality and the precision which enters the crafting of the ornamental accents that are exquisite supplies the most effective results for longevity, look and use. Stair brackets can be utilized to complement the present trim in your house. They resemble the appearance of the hand-carved accents frequently seen in elderly houses scattered throughout America. They respect the classic feel, fashion and elaborate detail from earlier ages that are cosmetic.

decorative wooden stair brackets

decorative wooden stair brackets

When you purchase your stair brackets, ensure that you specify whether you need right or left stair brackets. One strategy to keep in mind is the fact that the correct will be pointed to by right brackets while the left is pointed to by left brackets. Tools to assemble for the job comprise: a sponge or clean cloth.
Before starting your installation, we advise that you just complete your merchandise by decorating it using a faux finish or painting it. It is because of the complex aspects of the stair brackets as well as the tiny size. It’s possible for you to touch up any smaller regions as needed after setup.

It’s time to take into account surface preparation after you’ve painted your mounts. Ensure that surfaces are free of any loose particles and soil using a clean cloth. Hold the mount up to the stair to find out in the event the ends of the mount need cutting. For right positioning, the stair mount should span the vertical and horizontal spans of the riser. Should it not, you might want to think about adding half or quarter round molding to the stair span.
It’s possible for you to put in a little group with affordable and simple decorative stair brackets that will not demand lots of work. Transform your straightforward stairs right into a look of sophistication and wonder which will depart from out your house standing .




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