Music Themed Bedroom For Your Teen

There are methods to let him love being in his bedroom, by giving him a room that reveals his musical inclinations, in case your teen son is a music lover. Music themed purchase that is music-themed them out along the walls to make an edge of musical wallpaper. follow stencils and These may have contours of music notes like G clefs or treble. Fill in the track lines with black interior wall paint allowing the stenciled pictures to pop in case the wall is light colored. You might like to opt as your theme for piano keys.

For his bedclothes, white and black could be amazing, particularly to remind him if he plays the piano. Get a comforter in solid black highlight that is then the appearance with throw pillows in spotless white. Music themed, you can buy a whole music themed bed set then simply add the throw pillows to accentuate the appearance.
Use imagination for a music themed bedroom. You may even cut music notes out from solid black cloth or felt then paste them on a valance in sound white. Or if you want to stay to conventional curtains to your window treatments, go for white and black printed or solid black or solid white drapes.

music themed bedroom set

music themed bedroom set

You can frame up sheet music from a few of his favourite symphonies and hang them about the walls, in case your teenager is into classical music. Instead, if he’s the precise contrary extreme, and in an alloy head, frame classic phonograph record covers of his favourite ancient rock bands up. For more emphasis thoughts, paint the front of his wardrobe with a treble clef staff or G clef.

Shag rug would be good addition to his music themed room. It’s possible for you to surely find these in solid black solid white or patterned in black and white to complement the entire monochrome theme you have going. Hold these in place with duct or carpet tape then fluff the carpet together with your fingers. That is not difficult to do so do it jointly with him, and he’ll remain proud of the wok of his hands.

His imagination will flow as he’s the ideal ambiance with this when he’s in his room, and he’ll be well on his approach to becoming the music virtuoso he’s always desired to be.


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